What Treatment’s Best to Beat my Child's GROWING PAIN?

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Pain during or after activity, waking up at night with pain in their feet ankles or legs are all symptoms commonly relegated to the simple diagnosis of “Growing Pains” Visits to well-meaning General practitioners and other health professionals can be frustrating and disheartening as you are told there is little you can do but you continue to see your little one suffering from pain.

There is a significant amount of misinformation. Many times, parents are simply told that their child needs to “grow out of it” The result leaves the child possibly in pain or with problems that stop them from participating or enjoying physical activity, or both.

The questionnaire hopes to provide a list of potential solutions for your child. Answers do not include – waiting for them to grow out of it. In contrast the answers are designed to be proactive helping your child to pain free activity.

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  • Has your child woken at night with pain in their...?
    Question 0 Response
  • How long has your child been suffering from this problem?
    Question 1 Response
  • When did it last occur?
    Question 2 Response
  • How often is it occurring?
    Question 3 Response
  • How old is your child?
    Question 4 Response
  • Does your child...?
    Question 5 Response
  • Have you taken them to see another health practitioner with limited or no success?
    Question 6 Response
  • Do they have pain during or after activity?
    Question 7 Response
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